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June 20, 2009


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Thanks, Ceci. What a great example of just the kind of services we're working to support through the Take Five to Give 5 campaign. I'll always be impressed with the "emotional ripple effect" these types of services have on families, and in turn, on the community.

For example, Anna's stuffed animal may help her fall asleep at night as she holds tight to it, and Anna's mother may sleep better knowing that there's food for the kids and appropriate clothing for summer. As Anna and her family interact with others in the community, they just might smile more often knowing that they have help and support -- and others will smile back in return.

In fact, as I type this I'M smiling. So there you have it!

David Deschenes
United Way of Western Connecticut

Although you may not know them by name, organizations like Person-to-Person are a last line of defense for those in our community that have no where else to turn. I hope for a day when no one will need the emergency assistance provided by Person-to-Person or other organizations like it, but until that day, those of us who can, must help.

The 90% increase in demand for food that Ceci talks about is shocking, but not unusual in our community. Just as stunning is that some of the families needing your help could just as easily have been your neighbors one year ago. A number of the agenices in our community providing emergency assistance have begun to notice a new category of clients - those that have never needed assistance before and don't know where to go to get help.

Don't let another day go by without helping someone in need. If you can skip one cup of Starbucks today and convince 5 other friends to do the same, we'll be able to provide food shelter, health care and emergency financial assistance to countless individuals that have no where else to turn.

Take Five to Give $5 today.

Thanks, Ceci. That's a nice snapshot of one of the many families who are helped when everyone pitches in. And I know it's an everyday story at Person-to-Person.

Isn't it amazing that a child like Anna holding a stuffed animal tightly portrays innocence and doesn't reveal the basic necessities she may need... Agencies like Person-to-Person are currently swamped with requests for food and clothing... Take a few minutes, reflect on Anna clutching her stuffed animal and consider donating $5 for basic needs...

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