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June 22, 2009


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Or how about putting a clear jar in full view of the whole family? Put in a little extra coin when you have it. Encourage the kids, if you have them, to do it too. You'd be helping people, teaching your children and constantly reminding the family of what is most important. You can't change most of the world but you can change a piece of it.

Larry Neary

I think the point Mayor Murphy makes about helping people we may see everyday is so true. I know many who have lost jobs in the last year and worried about how they will support their families, wondering how many months would go by before they couldn't pay their bills. Illness, job loss, unexpected bills...for many there are no reserves and it only takes one turn of events to put families on the financial edge. But we have to ability to make it easier for them through small sacrifices and compassion.
Kim Morgan

It seems like such a little thing to give $5 or five minutes to help someone. How can it possibly make a difference? Simple. If every one of us who is not in dire need during these times did something small to help those who are, everyone could make it through to the other side of our down economy. It doesn't take great measures ... just a lot of little ones. Take five to give five!

Wow, what a great message to send. The Mayor definitely understands the power of giving and she is definitely right that people all around us need help. For those of us who "have" it's only five minutes and $5; for those of us who need, it's a leg up when we most need it.

Thanks Mayor for your kind and wise words.

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